Charles Worthington | Hair Treats

The Charles Worthing Salon at Home range is one of my favourite high street drugstore purchases. Their products are top quality, and they’re always on special offer in Boots which means that they’re purse friendly too.

Seen as I am currently inundated with shampoos and conditioners, I decided to have a go with a few treatment based products instead, so I picked up the Mineral Hair Rescue Masque (£8.99) and the Hair Heeler Leave In Conditioner (£5.99), both from the Moisture Seal range.


I love hair masques (masks?) but they’re not something I use often enough. Usually I have just enough time to jump in the shower, throw on the necessary products, rinse and jump out. However lately, I’ve been trying to give myself a bit more time, and just relax so this masque seemed a good buy. The packaging, like all the products, gives the air of a much more higher end brand and e quality follows suit. This masque is fabulous, I don’t have to use a lot to cover my thick hair, and it’ feels super luxurious when on – thick enough to keep my hair slicked on top of my hair while I go about my business, yet silky enough to wash out easily. I also love the lid to this product, it’s a snap shut lid, which helps when you’re in the shower, trying to scoop out product, apply it, all without actually getting moisture and excess water into the pot of product. It leaves my hair feeling nourished and tangle free, and easy to style.

The leave in conditioner is also makes styling and brushing a dream, with it’s gel like constancy, it’s distributed evenly through the hair and leaves no heavy residue or greasy feeling – it’s lightweight and moisturising. Leave in conditioner is something I use regularly as its quick boost of moisture into the hair and is a brilliant addition if you’re prone to dry, damaged hair. I like to use mine if I’m on holiday, as it just makes sure my hair is taken care of after a day of sun and swimming.

As I mentioned, these products are really well priced anyway, but you can always find them online or in store in Boots, usually on on special offer – at the moment they’re currently 2 for £8.

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A Trio of Treats | Umberto Giannini

I was drawn into Boots by their enticing 3 for 2 offer they have on at the moment, and ended up leaving with three Umberto Giannini products. As a brand I think their products are fantastic, and low and behold they actually do what’s promised on the packaging.


I went for the Indulgent Beauty Moisture Mask, £5.91 which sounds very fancy. I’ve wanted a new mask for a while now, and this one just popped up at the right time. It’s a lovely thick constancy, and a little bit really goes a long way. If you have thick, dry or damaged hair then this mask will work great for you. If you have fine hair then I’d recommend this for use just on the ends of hair.


Following on the moisture theme, I also picked up the Instant Beauty Leave In Conditioner, £6.00. I love using a leave in conditioner, especially now the weathers that bit warmer, I find it just adds and extra layer of protection to hair. This one worked well at softening my hair, and it actually made brushing and styling much better.


And lastly, I picked up the Frizzi Miracle Worker, £8.00, because clearly I need another hair oil to add to my already growing collection. It actually a really nice, light weight oil which is easily adaptable to either fine or thick hair. It works well to combat frizz, and keeps my fly away ends and fluffiness at bay. I actually like it near on as much as my L’Oreal Extraordinary Oil, which is quite the compliment.


I think Umberto Giannini have really stepped up the hair care game in the last year, and they’re on par with the Lee Stafford and the Charles Worthington of the hair care world.

You can find the full Umberto Giannini range at Boots in store or online at

Revlon PhotoReady Make Up | Nude

After trying the Revlon Colorstay foundation a while ago, I’ve kind of become a full on a Revlon lover. So it was to be expected that I’d soon turn to other products to try.

Cue the PhoteReady Make Up…


Revlon say – “photochromatic pigments bend and reflect light to help erase every flaw. Complete, yet undetectable coverage. Soft luminous finish.”

The testing behind this product is quite clever. It was put under harsh lights and high definition cameras to test it’s flawlessness, whether under indoor fluorescent lighting, or full outdoor sunshine.

It also contains an all important SPF of 20, so with all the testing it will be interesting to see how it holds up under flash photography.

This one comes with a pump, which of course makes application much easier and more hygienic. I use one pump of the make up to start with, and usually apply using a Nanshy flat top buffer brush.

My winter shade is Nude, which I find matches me perfectly. It’s a lovely medium but build able product, which covers redness and evens skin tone nicely.


With flash…


It’s has a slight dewy finish, but really only on the high points of the face – the cheekbones, brow bones and forehead area. The product is set easily with a translucent face powder, and stays on for around 4 hours without having to touch up.

Something I have noticed though is there is a very slight shimmer to it, not enough to notice it from just looking in a normal mirror, however if you do use a magnifying mirror to apply make up then you make notice it. In my opinion it doesn’t affect the finish in anyway and is pretty undetectable unless of course you go looking for it.

Overall it’s a lovely product, one that I warmly welcome into my already over brimming face and base collection. You can find the Revlon PhotoReady make up in Boots and Superdrug for an RRP of £12.99.

Boots Expert | Build Up Removal Shampoo

Beauty blogging can often mean trying and testing a lot of products, one after the other.

My weakness is hair products, which often means testing something for a prolong period of time, to try to get the fairest result. My hair, being quite thick and long, tends to hold onto products quite well, this can be both a god send for getting good results, but a burden for product build up.

I heard about the Boots Expert build up removal shampoo from Anna at Viviannadoesmakeup’s blog, and it sounded exactly like something I was looking for. I’d been searching for a while for a build up removal shampoo, however most of the ones I’d been recommended were around the £20+ mark, so this £3.50 bottle was like a gift from the beauty heavens.



It has no scent, or colour and the packaging is nothing to shout home about, in fact if I hadn’t have known about it I would have walked straight past it in store. However, the formula is magic, it boasts removing impurities and detoxifying, while being dermatologically tested.

I’ve been using it once a week, and just swapping it out for my usual shampoo, and it has worked really well. I noticed a difference after just using it once, my hair just felt cleaner, and looked much shinier and healthy. It felt like it had a lot more volume and movement in it as well, which is something I’ve struggled to get naturally; since starting to grow my hair out more it has become a bit lifeless.

I’ll probably start using it once every two week or so going forward, as I don’t want it to strip too much out of my hair. I’m no stranger to bleach and foils, so I just worry about my hair drying out a tad, and the shampoo becoming less effective if it’s used too much.

If you’re partial to using quite a few styling products to tame your hair, this shampoo will do an excellent job of making sure everything is thoroughly removed. I know when I’ve used a serum or hair oil for a while, I can feel like it use doesn’t wash out properly, especially underneath and around the back of my hair.

The Boots Expert Build Up Removal shampoo is available in-store and online from Boots, with an RRP of £3.49 for a 200ml bottle.

Mini Loves | Favourite Miniature Hair Products

Miniature sized products have started to take over my handbag, I’m like a walking lucky dip.

I love miniatures, they’re not just handy for just throwing into a bag, but also they’re great for trying out new products without shelling out the full price; it’s also surprising how long a mini version can last for.

It’s much as I try to cram every single one into my bag, I have had to limit myself to three.

miniature hair favourites

I’ve been styling my hair with curls/waves lately so my favourites have been the Umberto Giannini Natural Curl Spray and the Toni & Guy Casual Sea Salt Spray to enhance the style, and help keep it in place all day, while adding a bit of texture. They help to maintain the frizz in my hair, and keep my curls and waves bouncy and light.

Also I’ve been loving the Umberto Giannini Backcomb in a Bottle spray – sprayed into the roots and rubbed in gently with fingers, it creates volume and leaves hair with a bit of added oomph. It is a little bit sticky when you first spray it on, but I found a bit of a rub, and a quick blast with the hair dryer can help to soften it back up again – it doesn’t leave and residue behind either.

Boots has a huge range of miniature products, which are a available in-store more often than they are online. The ones featured in this post were £1.99 and also on 3for2 offer.

L’Oreal Color Riche Lipstick | Intense Blondes | 376


L’Oreal has been a big favourite of mine for a while, especially their lip products. I’m completely in love with their Glam Shine stains and Caresse range. So when I saw they had a range of lipsticks, which were aimed at matching your hair colour I was desperate to have a go.

I’d been looking for a nice deep red, and when I spotted shade 376 I thought I’d hit the jackpot, then saw it was for Blondes and I was even more happy.


It’s possibly my favourite red drugstore lipstick I’ve tried. It’s a really deep, almost berry toned shade.

It applies beautifully and is so moisturising. It has a lovely soft satin finish and blends nicely so if you want a bit more of a subtle colour then it’s a great (but a bit of a messy) option, as it will stain your fingers. Saying that, the staying and staining power of this lipstick is really amazing.

I wore it on a evening out, and just had to top up with a bit of gloss through the night.

There are lots of shades available, for blondes right thought to the raven haired.

You can find them in Superdrug, Boots and on various online outlets. RRP £8.19.