Bourjois Instant Dry | Nail Enamel Dryer


We’ve all been there. You paint your nails, then for some reason you realise that you don’t have the time to sit around waiting for them to dry, what do you do?

Me, I usually end up in a bad mood, with a few smudged nails.

When I heard that Bourjois had released a new nail drying oil, I umm’ed and ahh’ed for a while about it. I’ve tried various nail drying sprays and top coats before, without much joy – they either never lasted very long, or they dried out really quickly, so I wasn’t really pulled in to buy it. Then a friend told me it was worth it’s weight in gold, and that it had saved her on various occasions.

The Bourjois Instant Dry is an oil which you apply with a dropper over the nail area to seal in the polish and dry it quicker than if you let it air dry.


It is a brilliant little product, and you don’t need a lot of it as one small drop spreads evenly over the nail nicely. Now it does dry the polish, however it’s not instant – you can drop the oil on then start washing up, or pulling on your clothes, however it does dry it out in about a minute and a half, maybe two minutes depending on the formula of nail polish.

As it’s an oil it also helps to nourish the nail area and just give it an extra bit of TLC. I actually like it a lot more than any other quick drying formula I’ve tried before, as it’s compact and will probably last for a while before I have to repurchase.

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Bourjois Instant Dry Nail Enamel Dryer – £5.99 – Feel Unique – Link Here


Much Love | Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum Foundation

The weather in England is behaving very oddly at the moment. It’s hot, muggy and a little bit uncomfortable, with added copious amounts of thunder, lightening and rain. Anytime I’ve thought about putting make up on, my enthusiasm has waned.

There has been various occasions where I have had to present myself to the world, and look part human and in those cases, my saviour has been the Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum foundation.


I picked this up on a whim, just before I went on holiday last month and put it into my foundation draw, and promptly forgot about it. And because by the time I came back I was too tan to wear it, it’s sat there waiting for me to crack it open once I’d paled a bit.

I’m sure most people have heard of Bourjois’ famous healthy mix range, one which claims to give your skin a boost of radiance and an instant anti-fatigue appearance. I’ve already tired the ordinal Healthy Mix foundation, and I really enjoyed it, however I did find that the finish could appear a bit too dewy for my liking, so knowing the serum version was a gel based, and knowing I’d never tried a gel based foundation before, I decided to give it a go.

The Healthy Mix serum contains a vitamin rich fruit therapy of litchi, goji berries and pomegranates, to help add radiance. The formula also aids to erase imperfections and give lasting results for up to 16 hours.




When I first tested this out, I really wasn’t impressed at all. It was quite thick and the gel texture of it made me worry about how it would sit, and last on the skin. I also found that applying it with a brush just didn’t do anything for the appearance of it, so I grabbed my beauty blender, and decided that sheering it out slightly might be e way to go. Well to say I was pleasantly surprised would be a huge understatement…

I have fallen head over heels in love with this foundation. It’s goes on beautifully using a bouncing motion with the blender, and it blends in and sheers out to leave a really wonderful finish to the skin. The lasting time is a decent 5 hours in the heat we’ve been having recently, and even then it just taken a quick retouch up with the blender to keep it looking fresh.

If you need a fuller coverage for your skin, then I’d recommend using a brush to apply to the areas that you need to hide, but ultimately if you can sheer it out, then that’s your best bet. The formula is creamy and has that second skin look about it; with a beautiful velvet finish to it.

Overall it’s a cracking foundation.

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Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum Foundation – £10.99 – Feel Unique Link Here

Bourjois Happy Light Foundation | Review

No sooner had I declared the state of my skin to be dry and horrid, did I stumble across some brilliant hydrating foundations. One of those miracles being the Bourjois Happy Light foundation.




I have heard that it’s been likened to the Chanel Aqua Vitalumière foundation, and what with Bourjois and Chanel being owned by the same company and all, I can’t help but think that it could be a good dupe!

Light, hydrating and easily blendable formula. It’s quite diluted so a small amount can go a long way.
Light to medium buildable coverage. It can be layered without caking or overloading the face too much.
52 Rose Vanilla is a good match for me. It looks a lot darker swatched, however once blended in it’s perfect. It is only available in 5 shades though, and most have a slight pink undertone.
Easy to apply with fingers or a brush. As I mention above it’s easy to blend out, and a little goes a long way. My favourite to use is the RT Expert Face Brush.
It has that ‘my skin, but better’ look, with a nice healthy finish to it.
A good solid 6 hours wearing time, which I think is pretty damn good.
Price Point
£11.99 for 30ml.

Overall it’s a lovely foundation, especially if you suffer with quite dry skin and you’re looking for a bit of a pick me up, with a nice healthy look and a decent wear time. Bourjois always seem to impress, and my staple favourite items are foundations, eyeshadows, blush and eyeliners.

You can find the whole Bourjois Happy Light range, which includes a primer and concealer as well as foundation, in Boots online, or in store.

Bourjois Liner Effect Mascara

I have hooded eyes. Not severely, but hooded enough that if I overdo it with the eyeliner even a tiny bit, it can ruin my entire make up. So I’m always on the look for new eye products that help to line and define the eye area.

My latest test was with Bourjois. I love Bourjois as a brand, their foundation, blushes and little round eye pots are a dream to use, but I had not tried anything in the form of mascara. When I saw their liner effect mascara, I was instantly interested in how it works.




The idea is that you use the small brush to really get into the lash line, and ultimately use the effect of tight lining the eye using mascara instead of eyeliner, or shadow.

The concept does work pretty well. I’m not usually a fan of small, comb like brushes but this one is actually designed really well. It gets into the the lashes and separates easily, and the formula adds good length to the lashes too. It’s easy to use the brush to really hit the lash root, especially if you use with a good pair of eyelash curlers.

I wouldn’t say it adds much of a line though, nothing compared to an eyeliner anyway. I’ve layered this up a few times, and not really noticed too much of a difference really in terms of a liner effect, however it is a really nice mascara in itself.

The only cons are that the formula is a tad wet (it may dry down slightly after use), and the applicator is a bit long, so you have to be carful when applying, it’s not one for using in a hurry or on the go. It can also flake slightly, but I think that was from over-layering on my part.

I’ve mainly been using this for day time wear, and any time I’ve used fake lashes as it’s been a good mascara to use as a base.

You can find the Bourjois Liner Effect mascara in Boots, online and in-store for £9.99.

Bourjois 123 Perfect | CC Cream

All these double letter face products start to blur together for me. I know BB stands for Beauty Balms and CC stands for Colour Correctors, and I know the CC creams work much better for me, personally.

I love the L’Oreal CC cream for dull skin, and have been using it religiously for around 18 months now. Then I saw that Bourjois has released a CC cream as part of their 123 Perfect range, as being a huge fan of their foundations, I decided it was time to give it a whirl.




I went for shade Light Beige, which looks quite dark on the swatch, but once it’s on and blended in it actually adapts really well to my skin tone (Mac NC20).

The cream contains three colour correcting pigments – Apricot for anti-fatigue, Green for anti-redness and White for anti-dark spots. These pigments mixed together are designed to give a fresh and luminous look, with 24 hour hydration.

I really, really like this CC cream, it’s great coverage while still being nice and light. I’ve used CC creams in the past underneath foundations as a primer of sorts, but I really wouldn’t use this for that purpose, I think it’s a bit too much like a foundation to use it for that.

I think if your looking for a nice everyday base, or you want something with a medium coverage that’s not too matte or not overly dewy, then this is what you’re looking for.

It’s only downfall is it’s limited shade range, there are only 4 available shades at the moment, with the darkest being Bronze.

The Bourjois CC cream is available in Boots and Superdrug, online and in store, for an RRP of £9.99.

Bourjois Happy Light | Matte Serum Primer

Good drugstore primers seem to be few and far between for me. They always end up abandoned at the back of my make up draw, after a few uses.

I’d seen the new Bourjois ‘Happy Light’ range, and seen as I really like their foundations already I decided to try it out.

The primer range comes in either a matte option, or a luminous option – I picked up the matte primer; most of my foundations are of the dewey variety, and I don’t like to layer up with too many radiance boosting products, because I find that it can make my skin look a tad too greasy.

I really like the packaging, it comes in a small glass bottle with a practical pump lid. The packaging makes it feel like it should be more expensive than it actually is.

The primer itself is serum based and applies translucently. You need around two full pumps to cover the whole face. I find it easy to apply either using fingers, or a blender brush like the Real Techniques Expert Face Brush.

There is a slight tightening feel leftover on the skin after application, however the primer does sink in after a minute or so, and you soon forget you’ve put anything on. I have found that it does help a lot to reduce shininess and gives the skin a nice even tone all over.

Have I noticed a difference in my foundation lasting longer? Not really no…however I have really liked using it for the reasons I’ve just mentioned. It also helps to give my skin a bit of a boost, and it does cover small pores around my nose. I’ve been using this for minimal make up days, when I roll out of bed late and just apply it as a base, with a bit of concealer around my eyes and on blemishes.

I’m really interested in trying the Happy Light foundation, so if anyone has a review please leave me the link in the comments below.

The full Bourjois Happy Light range is available in Superdrug here and Boots here.