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John Frieda Sheer Blonde – go blonder

Anyone who has blonde hair (*ahem*….bleached or tinted) will know what an absolute pain it can be to keep it looking bright and healthy looking. I know there are various purple shampoos on the market, which claim to stomp out brassy, yellow tones however, there is not much around designed with lightening, brightening and nourishing qualities in mind.

Enter John Freida Go Blonder*, from the Sheer Blonde collection.

It’s aimed at all types of blondes – naturals or fakers, to help gradually lighten hair. For natural blondes this means it helps to illuminate your already gorgeous colour, and for the fakers it helps to keep the maintenance of re-colouring a bit more manageable, which is of course going to help the condition of your hair improve if you’re visiting that bottle of bleach less.


The Shampoo and Conditioner are branded as being the lightening duo of the range while the oil elixir is the brightening, and of course nourishing treatment.

The Shampoo is light, and easy to lather up and really get into the roots of the hair. I always worry with really lathery (is that actually a term?) products, that they’re going to be a bit of a nightmare to wash out after, however I didn’t find this a problem at all, and it left my hair feeling squeaky clean.

The Conditioner is light, creamy and easily distributed through the hair, without having to use too much product. It washes out well, and leaves my hair feeling nice and soft. It’s pretty much what I look for in a conditioner – I have thick hair that likes to hold onto product, which can often make the overall results look greasy or weighed down, however I haven’t experienced this at all.

Now for the lightening claim – I’ve had 8 washes using both of these together and I can’t say that I’ve noticed anything different about my hair – it’s a bit shinier and it smells wonderful, which to be honest gets thumbs up all round for me on it’s own. I’m going to be taking this duo on holiday with me, and using while there as they really do seem to be helping to inject some much needed moisture into my bleached locks, so I’ll update again if it notice a difference in the overall colour of my hair.

Moving onto the Brightening Oil Elixir – I have nothing but praise for this product. I use it on damp hair before blow drying, as well as slicking some onto the ends as a finishing treatment, and its like someone is shining a glittery light onto my hair – actually it reflects light and just makes my hair, especially the dry ends, look (and feel) humanly acceptable! I’ve used many oils before, and this one definitely has a place within my top three favourite budget oils.

Overall, the shampoo and conditioner are really nice to combat general hair needs however, I just haven’t seen anything colour combating yet – by the time I’m away on holiday though my hair will be due its regular colouring and I may see some better results then. The oil as I’ve said above is fantastic, and really helps to keep my hair looking nice, fresh and healthy.

You can find the whole John Frieda Sheer Blonde range online and in-store in Boots – link here.

*post contains PR samples