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HER | 300 Trecento Hair Treatment

Hello heat, hello heavy hair.

My hair is thick and pretty long and naturally curly, so in the hot weather I do tend to just rough dry it and leave it to pot luck, with hopes it behaves itself. The heat can dry my hair out, especially when I’m on holiday, so I saved the HER Hair Rituals treatment to use specifically while I was away, and for a few washes after I got home.


The 300 Trecento treatment is designed as a pre-wash treatment, so you wet your hair and apply, then leave for 300 seconds (5 minutes) and wash out, then apply shampoo usual – I used my usual container on my first wash and found it was far too much for my hair to handle so I left it out after that and the results where much better.

I used this twice in the week I was on holidays, then once a week for a few weeks once I was home. It left my hair feeling beautifully soft and easy to manage, especially in the humid temperatures.

If you have dry/damaged hair that’s thick then it’s a perfect treatment to give your hair a nice pick me up. If you have fine or oily hair then I’d recommend using it on the ends of the hair only, and shampooing twice to make sure you’re not left with any build up whatsoever.

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NSPA Hair Rituals | Repairing Shampoo and Conditioner

NSPA is a pretty quiet contender when it comes to hair care. I’ve used many bits from their skin care range before, but I’ve never been tempted by the hair section, until now…

NSPA Hair Rituals repairing Shampoo and conditioner

I decided to give their Repair range a crack.

The packaging has a nice, sleek look to it, and it’s easy grip so no clumsy drops in the shower. I especially like the push up/down lid, it makes spillages less likely to happen.

The shampoo focuses on cleansing (as you’d expect), it’s a nice consistency, and it lathers up and rinses out well. It done a great job of really stripping away product build up too, which works well for me, as I do tend to use quite a bit of product in the winter months.

The conditioner adds the moisture (again, stating the obvious here), it’s quite a nice thick constancy and is easily distributed through the hair. I didn’t have to use too much product to feel like it had covered all my hair completely, which means I’m not over-using like I sometimes do with thinner, more diluted conditioners.

Both used together left my hair feeling really light and soft, with no tough tangles – and the smell is lovely, again it’s a really fresh smell that made me walk around swishing my head from side to side all morning.

NSPA is avaliable in Asda stores and online, the shampoos and conditioners start from £3 each.