Revlon PhotoReady Make Up | Nude

After trying the Revlon Colorstay foundation a while ago, I’ve kind of become a full on a Revlon lover. So it was to be expected that I’d soon turn to other products to try.

Cue the PhoteReady Make Up…


Revlon say – “photochromatic pigments bend and reflect light to help erase every flaw. Complete, yet undetectable coverage. Soft luminous finish.”

The testing behind this product is quite clever. It was put under harsh lights and high definition cameras to test it’s flawlessness, whether under indoor fluorescent lighting, or full outdoor sunshine.

It also contains an all important SPF of 20, so with all the testing it will be interesting to see how it holds up under flash photography.

This one comes with a pump, which of course makes application much easier and more hygienic. I use one pump of the make up to start with, and usually apply using a Nanshy flat top buffer brush.

My winter shade is Nude, which I find matches me perfectly. It’s a lovely medium but build able product, which covers redness and evens skin tone nicely.


With flash…


It’s has a slight dewy finish, but really only on the high points of the face – the cheekbones, brow bones and forehead area. The product is set easily with a translucent face powder, and stays on for around 4 hours without having to touch up.

Something I have noticed though is there is a very slight shimmer to it, not enough to notice it from just looking in a normal mirror, however if you do use a magnifying mirror to apply make up then you make notice it. In my opinion it doesn’t affect the finish in anyway and is pretty undetectable unless of course you go looking for it.

Overall it’s a lovely product, one that I warmly welcome into my already over brimming face and base collection. You can find the Revlon PhotoReady make up in Boots and Superdrug for an RRP of £12.99.


Revlon Colorburst Matte Balm | 250 Standout

Finally after months of searching the interweb and drooling over swatches, the Revlon Matte and Lacquer Balms have been released!

I showed an enormous amount of restraint and only picked up one whilst I was browsing, yep you heard right…ONE. It may have had something to do with the amount of make up I already had piling up in my basket.

I chose the shade 250 Standout, from the Matte range.



I’m still firmly on the red love train when it comes to lipsticks, so as soon as I swatched this I knew I needed it. It’s a gorgeous dark burnt red, which compliments most skins tones.

The matte formula of the Revlon balms are just as I expected – creamy and moisturising, with a velvety finish. There’s not a hint of dryness to them, and they apply beautifully, and super easily. I’ve always found these crayon type lip products to be a breeze to apply, even without the use of a mirror.

Ere are some gorgeous shades in both the lacquer range and the matte range, however surprisingly I think the mattes are appealing to me a lot more lately, so I’ll definitely be going back for a few more soon.

You can find the Revlon ColorBurst balms in Boots and Superdrug, online or in-store for £7.99 each.

Revlon Colorstay Foundation | 150 Buff

I’d heard loads of great things about the Colorstay foundation from Revlon, but I’d always fallen for the newer, better advertised foundations on the beauty shelves.

Then I happened to hear two girls standing next to the Revlon stand, talking about it, one of them advising the other that she had to buy it because it was the best foundation ever. So taking this strangers advice (and a few other good recommendations from friends before) I bought it.


I picked up shade 150 Buff, which it just a tad too light for my skin, but I’ve just been warming up with my bronzing primer from Bourjois if I’ve felt I’ve needed to. The formula I chose is one for normal to dry skin, which is working really well for me in this harsh weather at the moment.



I really like the sleek glass bottle packaging, it just makes it feel slightly more high end than any other drugstore foundation I’ve used before.

This has pretty much become my go to foundation at the moment. It’s creamy and blends out beautifully using a flat top face buffer brush. It’s has a medium to full, build able coverage which doesn’t sit in fine lines around the mouth or eyes.

The finish it gives it also really nice, it’s not completely matte, more of a hint of a satin finish to the skin, which when applied with either a flat top buffer, or a Real Techniques stippling brush, can create a flawless look.

The staying power has really impressed me as well. I used this on New Years Eve, with no primer underneath, and it managed to withstand a crowded, slightly hot and sweaty pub, with multiple people kissing my cheeks, and wishing me a happy new year.

The only thing that’s taking me a while to get to grips with is getting the product out of the bottle, as it doesn’t come with a pump, you just have to rely on pouring it out. This has resulted in me wasting the product the first few times I’ve used it, but it’s getting easier to judge now.

The Colorstay foundation is also available for combination/oily skin, as well as in a range of different shades. As always you an find it in Boots or Superdrug, online or in-store for around £11.99.

Revlon Lash Potion Mascara | Review

How magical does a lash potion mascara sound?



I was enticed in to buying it by the name, it’s also the prettiest looking packaging…so easily pleased.

Now I’m really on the fence with this mascara from Revlon, I like the formula, but I’m not keen at all on the brush. On first inspection it looks great, quite full, with a lot of tiny bristles – Revlon boasts that the Lash Potion has a triple grooved wand, which combs through lashes for clump free length.


The mascara isn’t really clumpy, so much as it’s sticky, which I know sounds like a formula problem, but I actually think it’s the brush which isn’t doing the job of separating the lashes properly.

It does help to add the length to lashes, which is something I love about it, as it does give a really wide awake look to eyes, however if you’re looking for full, lush lashes then this might not be for you.

I have found layering it to be quite challenging too, because of the sticking lashes it makes it hard to build up the mascara for more dramatic eyes.


The above picture is three layers of the Lash Potion mascara, and a bit of eyeliner.

Despite it’s stickiness and not so special brush, I really have found that I’ve liked the effect of the wide eye look. Unlike some reviews I’ve read, I haven’t found it flakey or easily rubbed off, nor have a noticed any actual clumps of mascara in my lashes like some others have.

At the moment I’m using it just as a day time mascara, with the hope that the formula might dry out slightly in time, and usage. I can’t really comment on the growth part of Revlon’s promise, as I’ve not been using it long enough to notice any difference at all, however if you’re a regular user then I’d love to know any thoughts or comments you have?

The Revlon Lash Potion Mascara by Grow Luscious is available in Boots, in-store and online for £9.99.

Revlon ColorBurst Balms Collection | Matte & Laquer | Boots Waiting-List

I’m so, so excited for the release of the new collection of Revlon ColorBurst balms. I have quite the collection of crayon style lip balms and stains from a few different brands, but Revlon are, hands down, my favourite.

When I saw that they were soon to be releasing a line of them in new pretty shades, I was very very happy, then to add to that happiness, I heard that there would be two collections – a matte and a lacquer.

I’ve seen a few swatches around on twitter and Instagram from a few lucky bloggers who have managed to nab some, and already I know I’m going to love the lacquers. I think I could probably be swayed by the mattes more easily than I usually am with other brands too, as I’m hoping these ones will still be as moisturising as the originals.

They’re due to be released on 22nd January, and Boots already have a waiting list option, and an subscription email notification of when they’re due in stock.


If you haven’t yet tried any of the Revlon stains and balms, then it definitely recommend them – they’re such good quality for the price, and their staying power is brilliant. You can read my reviews and see swatches of my collection so far, here:

Cherish Devotion
Sweetheart Valentine
Honey Douce

The balms retail for £7.99, and are available in Boots, and the link for the waiting list and subscription is here.

Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain – Crush


I’ve braved it and gone for a dark shade! I wanted a subtle, easy application and was wary of getting something which was a bit too full on. So I went for one of the Revlon Just Bitten Kissable balm stains in Crush. I know I’ve bought, swatched and reviewed a few of these lately but I just really like everything about them.

Crush is a beautiful, understated plum toned balm stain. It’s perfect for adding that little but of warmth to any look, without being too overwhelming. It’s a great shade for day time use, or if you fancy a bit of a change without scaring yourself.


If you’ve read my other reviews on the Revlon balms, you’ll know how much I absolutely love them. They have fab staining power, so even once the balms sunk in, you’ve still got the colour of the stain leftover.

I was really impressed with this particular colour. I brushed my teeth after applying it (forward thinking was clearly not my strong point today)…and the balm was still firmly in place once I’d done!

The Revlon balms retail at £7.99 in Boots and Superdrug.