Rodial | GlamTox Night

I’ve never really been much of a strict day and night product user. If I like something enough, I’ll just use it whenever I need to.

The Rodial GlamTox night may be slightly different though….




It’s designed to moisturise and smooth skin, to give a radiant and youthful looking glow, and is to be specifically used at night, while you sleep.

It aims to quickly fade hyper pigmentation, reduce pore size and thicken skin as well as improving sun damage, crows feet and fine lines.

The formula is gel like, and is spread onto the skin easily. You only really need a tiny bit, and it sinks into the skin in seconds, leaving it feeling lovely and soft. I can definitely see why it’s recommended at night time, as personally I wouldn’t want to apply any sort of make up on over the top of it, and ruin the lovely velvety feel of my skin.

In the morning my skin still feels soft and completely moisturised, and it stays feeling that way all day. I’m truly so impressed with this product, and love using it along side a GlamGlow mud mask, to really give my skin a boost.

The only slight niggle for me is the price; it’s £90 for a 30ml tub of it.

Yes I know, it’s pretty pricey, and even looking around on the web, the lowest I can find it for is £64.34 at the moment on You can however get the small travel size sample kits with the full GlamTox range for around £22.00 on Amazon though if you fancy having a go, without splashing out.