UrbanVeda | Daily Radiance Facial Wash

For me, the key to looking after your skin begins with cleaning it using something that actually works for you.

I prefer to use gel washes rather than creams, however I prefer to exfoliate with a cream rather than a gel.

My skin also can’t handle anything too harsh, as sometimes even soap can set it off, making it feel tight and look shiny. No one wants that.

I have a few tried and tested face washes that I tend to stick to religiously, so when the UrbanVeda radiance face wash featured in my February Birchbox I didn’t immediately grab it and use it.

I remembered it again when I was rifling through my samples box. My skin was feeling a bit dull and lacklustre so the promise of radiance caught my interest.




The Daily Radiance facil wash contains natural fruit enzymes, and promises to naturally brighten skin while balancing tone.

UrbanVeda says – “Naturally formulated to Ayurvedic principles, our Daily Radiance Facial Wash effectively cleanses and removes urban environmental pollutants. Our bioactive Turmeric extract brightens skin tone, while superfruit extracts are rich in fruit enzymes, vitamins and antioxidants to help counteract damage caused by free radicals and support healthy cell renewal. Skin’s natural barrier function is supported, keeping skin soft, supple and hydrated.

The first thing I noticed about the wash, was the fragrance – it has a distinct floral smell, which is more fresh, than old lady scented. You don’t need to use a lot, as it does lather up really well and is easily spread right across the face and neck.

It left my skin feeling so clean and soft, with no feeling of tightness or irritation, like some face washes I’ve battled with before. As for the brighteness aspect, I can’t say I’ve noticed a whole lot of difference to be honest, however the overall tone to my complexion has improved and it’s helped to keep my skin blemish free.

I would definitely recommend this brand to anyone looking for a budget face wash, they retail for £7.99 per tube, which I don’t find bad at all, as you do only need such a small amount of the gel per wash. There are a few different washes, for targeting different areas, so they tailor to a wide crowd too.

I’ve not seen UrbanVeda in any stores near me, so if anyone knows anywhere that sells it then please let me know, otherwise you can buy online at http://www.urbanveda.co.uk.