Month: September 2013

Real Techniques Foundation Brush

The second installment of my Real Techniques bulk is in the form of the Foundation Brush…


I’m not a fan of the flat/paddle shaped bristles of traditional foundation brushes. I can never master a good technique and I don’t like the way that product always seems to sit between the bristles. I’m definitely more of a buffing or flat top foundation brush kinda’ gal. So why did I buy this style I hear you ask? We’ll I was watching a Sam Chapman YouTube video where she was using this brush to apply MAC face and Body to the lovely Giovanna Fletcher and all of a sudden I thought I NEED THAT BRUSH!

This brush isn’t your typical flat foundation brush, there is more of a slight plumpness to the bristles, and the end isn’t thin either, so it catches a good amount of product and allows you to apply it to smaller areas.


I’ve still not mastered the knack of using this on its own, I just don’t like the overall finish but maybe that’s just me being picky. I have found it really useful to use to apply an initial layer of foundation, then going over it with a buffing style brush, to blend in any lines. It does create a very flawless base, and I do think that’s down to the foundation brush setting me up with an even product layer.

It’s definitely one of the best paddle style foundation brushes I’ve used. My only one gripe is that product does get stuck between the bristles with this one, but I think that’s just the style of the brush. It’s easy to clean and dries nice and quickly so it’s not a major problem.

The bristles are duo fibre, and synthetic. They’re 100% cruelty free and are hand cut. The handles are made from light weight aluminium, and they’re flat bottomed which makes for easy standing and storage. Each handle is a different colour depending on the use of the brush, which also it adds a nice aesthetic finish.

The foundation brush retails for £9.99 and can be found at Boots, and Amazon.


Real Techniques Stippling Brush

Afternoon all!

The next bulk of posts are going to be focused on brushes…more specifically Real Technique brushes. I recently suffered a terrible tragedy. I managed to lose a whole make up bag full of stuff, including my entire collection of RT brushes. I was understandably devastated, I felt like I had lost my right arm…seriously, don’t laugh.

With the magic of a Boots advantage card, teamed with the kindness of my youngest sibling, I have manage to pretty much replace my collection in a small amount of time.

The first brush I’m going to be showing off is the Real Techniques Stippling Brush…


This brush is one of my favourites for creating a really nice, light base.

It is perfect if you like to use a foundation like MAC’s face and body, or a CC cream like L’Oreal, then you can use this brush to apply a sheer base to your best areas, however you can also use it to build up those areas which need a bit more coverage.

I’ve also, since repurchasing, discovered that if you have a very heavy duty foundation that you want to sheer down then this brush can be a godsend. I’ve tried this with L’Oreal’s Infallible foundation, which I previously could only seem to apply with my fingers, however using this brush has made the results even better.

The technique I normally use is to first stipple the foundation onto my face, then using very, very light circular motions I blend it into my skin. I then go back over areas which need a bit more love, using the same technique.

The bristles are duo fibre, and synthetic. They’re 100% cruelty free and are hand cut.



The handles are made from light weight aluminium, and they’re flat bottomed which makes for easy standing and storage. Each handle is a different colour depending on the use of the brush, but also it adds a nice finish.

The stippling brush retails for a very reasonable £11.99, for the quality you get from this brand I think that’s a pretty good deal. You can find Real Techniques at Boots, and Amazon.

Soap and Glory Daily Youth 365 Face Moisturiser

A new face moisturiser was not a priority for me. So how I ended up with Soap and Glory’s 365 Daily Youth moisturiser is still a mystery to many…I think that the witty product names and the packaging constantly draw me over to their section of products.

I’d heard great things about it, it looked like it would be ideal for travelling or carrying around day-to-day, and it smelt like fresh peaches, wins all round really.


I’ve been using it in the morning, after having a good cleanse. It leaves my face feeling fresh and soft. It sinks in to the skin quite quickly and keeps my face feeling hydrated.

It’s not a heavy cream, so there’s no residue left over once you’ve massaged it in…


It’s a nice, simple daily moisturiser. I’d even go as far to say that it would be good for using even as the weather starts to get that bit colder.

You can get a 50ml tube from Boots for £8.00 at the moment (usually £12.00 RRP).

La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo

I’ve heard magical things about the French cult beauty brand La Roche Posay, so I knew it would be in my sights to try sooner or later…more specifically the Effaclar Duo…


It fits into my skin care routine really well, I use it in the morning under a moisturiser, and in the evening on its own, after cleansing.

I’ve found that it’s really helped any spot scaring, and imperfections on the surface of my skin. It also makes my skin feel like velvet after I’ve used it…that’s not even an exaggeration, my skin feels amazing.

This product claims to be unclogging and corrective with anti-imperfection care, which I can vouch for, as my skin has been exceptionally clear, even around those problem times of the month. The pores on my cheeks have also definitely been better behaved since I’ve started using this, which makes looking in my magnifying mirror a little less scary.

The texture is like a serum and it soaks into the skin in seconds, leaving no residue lingering around, which also makes it a great base for applying make up on top of.


I’m always a bit hesitant to brag on about a skin care product too much, because people have such varying skin types and tolerances that their skin may not love it as much as mine, however I do think that everyone could find a use for this tube.

Effaclar Duo comes in a 40ml tube, and I use around a 20p blob each time I use it, so it’s good value for money at £13RRP (currently on offer in Boots for £9).

Top 5 Favourite Hair Products

I’m not one for grouping things into monthly favourites, only because I’m terrible at remembering what I’ve used at the beginning of the month. So I much prefer a good recent favourites post, as my hair changes it’s mind so often about what it likes and what it needs.

I’ve been using these, some I’ve repurchased many times, others I’m just loving at the moment…


L’Oreal Extraordinary Oil (coloured hair)
This is my second bottle of this oil, and I love it. It’s a complete life saver for thick and frizzy hair. I use it on nearly dry hair before a final blow drying to add softness and smooth out any frizz. It works really well when teamed with the Babyliss Big Hair styler to add a nice healthy shine.


Wella Resist Strenghtening Foam
Such a good investment for colour or chemically treated hair. I’m pretty sure this stuff is the reason my hair grows quite fast. I haven’t been using it as regularly as I was before and I’ve definitely noticed that the ends of my hair are getting quite dry again.


Lee Stafford Dehumidifier
I mentioned this in a separate post a few days ago, but as I’ve repurchased this so many times I think it deserved a place in my favourites. It does exactly what it says on the can, it keeps frizz at bay in heat and humidity as well as rain and fog.


Umberto Giannini Natural Curl Spray
Perfect for curly haired girls who need to keep the static and frizz out of their bouncy tresses. I use this on days when I’m in a rush, or feeling a bit lazy…I just tough dry my hair, spray this onto the ends and mid-lengths to create laid back, messy waves.


Charles Worthington Straightening Creme
Combats kinks and keeps my sometimes rebellious hair in check. It smells great too, and reduces the amount of heat needed to tame hair.


Leave me a comment and let me know your favourites, or any recommendations or products you love!

Nip+Fab Deep Cleansing Fix

I have a serious love affair with Nip+Fab face care products at the moment. I only went into Boots to by deodorant for The Boy, and I found myself leaving having bought this…


It’s a HUGE 300ml tub of their Deep Cleansing Fix Cleanser, which is going to last me forever. Literally you only need a blob the size of a 10p piece.

It’s a very rich, thick cream which you’re supposed to massage into dry skin, then rinse off.

It claims to be deep cleansing and hydrating to promote beautiful skin. I can definitely vouch for that, my skin feels very clean and soft after using, and the product itself smells so nice and fresh – with a slight eucalypts scent. It melts away based makeup such as foundation, powder and cream products, however it doesn’t get rid of mascara so well.

The cream contains sweet almond oil to nourish and smooth, and tea tree oil to cleanse pores.

I’ve been using it as a general cleanser, once a day for around a week and I’ve had no breakouts or irritation from it, and it’s gentle on the eyes too.

It boasts being a 6-1 product, so you can also use it in the following ways;

1) removes make up
2) deeply cleanses
3) use as a 10 minute mini mask
4) leave on overnight for a more hydrating mask
5) apply directly to blemishes
6) exfoliating when used with a muslin cloth.

I haven’t really tried the mask options, or the blemish control as their website suggests, but I have total faith in it working, so I’ll update as I get a chance to have a go!

I’m really converted to Nip+Fab, everything I try of theirs lately I always end up loving. Good for my skin, baaaaaad for my bank!

Swings and roundabout and all that jazz I suppose…

£7.95 will get you the huge 300ml of this baby, so really a teeny investment for a pretty face!